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Welcome to, our goal is to provide you with all your travel needs in one centralized location. We connect to the most powerful travel databases to provide you with best deals on airfare, hotel reservations, car rental, cruise, vacation packages, last minute deals, and more! Not only do we provide you with hot travel fares we also make available to you, current currency rates, travel guides, flight tracker/information, and much more. We believe that being well versed about your trip and getting the best deal is the only way to tavel. So explore what has to offer, you've already started on saving on your next trip! If this page website is not correctly displayed in your browser, then please use the Firefox web browser which is free to download!

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Karen V. from Detroit, Michigan writes: Finding a great deal for my trip to visit my relatives in Germany was a breeze! I found my airfare, car rental and even currency conversions all at Thanks a bunch!

Mark M. from Los Angeles, CA writes: I'm a very savvy person, so when I found out about I was a bit skeptical and thought to myself that maybe this site was just another overpriced travel website. Boy was I wrong! I found deals here that I didn't find on other competitors' sites, plus having all the answers to my travel questions and needs on one site, sealed the deal from me. Looking forward to great savings on my next trip!

Ahmed S. from New York, NY writes: My experience with has been nothing but good news. I've always found what I was looking for on this awesome website. When I travel I like to make sure that I know what the current currency conversion is, travel guides, tips and hints for making the most of my vacation, etc. etc. That's why is not only a site where I can find great deals, but also where I can learn about what to expect when embarking on my journeys. Great job guys!

Sanjay P. from Edison, NJ writes: Finding a great travel deal for a family of 8 is hard enough as it is. Usually I would drive about an hour and a half to a travel agent that I've been using for the past 5 years. I've been avoiding the online travel sites because I thought I was getting the best deal from my "connection". So one day after comparing a quote, that I got from my travel agent, with Compfares' quote. I found that I really wasn't saving much from my "connection" and Compfares' quote was equivalent to what I was getting and I didn't even have to do an hour and a half drive! What a relief.

Peter C. from Phoenix, AZ writes: When my father passed away in Denver, CO, I needed to get there as soon as possible. The "bereavement fares" I was quoted from the airlines were absolutely ridiculous. So I checked out Compfares' last minuite deals. I found a perfect flight + car combo for less than the price of a bereavement fare! Thanks a million .

Tatiana K. from Chicago, IL writes: For my wedding in Miami, I needed to reserve a group rate for the hotel I was having my reception in. On not only did they provide me with group reservations for the hotel, they also recommended discounted activities in the area for my guests to enjoy. Taking the stress out my reservations made my wedding more enjoyable. I definitely recommend Compfares all the way!

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